Hilarious ! 
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: An Educational Comedy ! 

Prices vary depending on where, when & how many will attend.

The performance lasts one and a half hours.
Tony has been giving this show for over 15 years and the reviews are tremendous!!!
Egg head information is fine for your PHD studies but the average person wants to be entertained as they are learning.
The John Wilkes Booth Gang was a motley crew indeed. They lend themselves to many unusual and yes; humorous incidents! Tony dispels many of the myths surrounding the Assassination, such as Booth broke his leg jumping from the theater box = not true.
Booth escaped punishment and spent the rest of his life in the Indian Territory = not true.
Booth had six fingers on his left hand = not true.
Booth was a drunkard fool = not true
Booth was a highly placed Confederate Secret Agent = True
You will be astounded by the info Tony relates while keeping it funny.