Hilarious ! 
You Can If You Believe You Can ! 

Prices vary depending on where, when & how many will attend.

The performance lasts one hour.
A motivational and inspiring lecture about the untapped ability of the mind to overcome the trying times that reach into everyone’s life.
Delivered to corporations and schools.
Tony’s can do attitude is contagious. He became a Law Enforcement Officer despite missing three limbs. He plays golf with an average score in the low 80s and three holes in one. He won two racquetball tournaments against folks with all their limbs. He built his own house, drives a standard shift car, water skis, snow skis, cuts his firewood, raised 4 children, ran for Governor of Vermont and finished 3 runner up in a field of 7 and last but certainly not least, has remained a firm believer, that God has a plan for the rest of his life.